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If the relationship between the past and present to describe Shanghai cuisine, it is past and local cuisine, and this life is Shanghai cuisine. Used to narrow the Shanghai cuisine is the cuisine, usually refers to the old people of Shanghai dishes,Local restaurant search and the generalized Shanghai dishes called new Shanghai dish is the cuisine is based, absorption of Guangdong, Sichuan, Ning Yang, Su, tin and other local flavor and Western food cooking methods, pay attention to take many long push Chen Chuxin, reflecting the accept fresh things Shanghai diet spirit.

Shanghai cuisine cooking braised, fried, steamed, stir and simmer for worse. Thick red oil sauce is Shanghai food is the most traditional features, meaning zhinongweihou, heavy oil, sugar, bright color, used to describe the Shanghai local cuisine braised dishes. Toothed burclover circle, oil and Butter Crab, oil burst shrimp these are old Shanghai restaurant will point the dish, the characteristics of "thick red oil sauce," show incisively and vividly. Shanghai food and day location, wide selection of materials, materials of fresh, seasonal stress. Four seasons climate gave Shanghai quarterly the freshest ingredients, for example in the spring to eat raw stir toothed burclover, stir Lycium chinense Mill, saury, back to the fish, the summer eat fried eel paste, refined steamed shad, crystal shrimp in autumn and winter, and stir fried crab with butter, shrimp big bird ginseng, herring bald lung dishes. Shanghai cuisine in the penetration of the Shanghai People's character, gentle and delicate, refreshing cool, Wen did not fire is Shanghai cuisine consistent style, embody the people of Shanghai fine and delicate.

In addition to the thick oil red sauce of this group of food and beverage, the most so that Shanghai people are proud of a variety of folk snacks. Both familiar "cake, fried dough sticks, soybean milk, rice and millet" four diamond, or a native of fried bread, Nanxiang, Sam sun small wonton, crab shell yellow, always remind the bottom of my heart the most warm food and memory. Taste the classic Shanghai flavor snacks, familiar with the spread of happiness.

Shanghai is also a special petty bourgeoisie of the city, in this full of romantic land, too many delicious to tie him down a our steps. Whether it is in a lazy afternoon, in the high-rise buildings in the Bund to taste afternoon tea, or find a old villas private restaurant, cup staggered back to the 1930s Shanghai, alleys of the old Shikumen, and flowing exotic bar, everything can become amorous Huai old objects, eat shopping will let you warp.

Shanghai braise in soy sauce meat mainly with rock sugar fried candy colors, accompanied with a small amount of soy sauce, and red color bright attractive, fat but not greasy, taste sweet side, importers melted, memorable, and show the characteristics of Shanghai cuisine thick red oil sauce.

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