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Old buildings waste energy

This is according to Dr Andreas Kiesewetter of Europe's largest privately owned paint and insulation manufacturer, Caparol.Dr Kiesewetter touched down in Dubai recently to take part in an Emirates Green Building Council conference.

"The easiest and cheapest way to save energy is through buildings. With proper insulation, a building's energy consumption and related expenditure can be cut in half," said the Engineer who heads up Caparol's Building Envelope Systems Division.In the Middle East where buildings need to be continuously cooled, use of high quality insulation can significantly impact energy consumption by keeping cool air sealed within buildings and sealing warm air out.

"It requires a larger amount of energy to cool a building than to heat it due to the fact that the efficiency of air conditioners is less than central heating systems, besides the nature of heat transfer inside living spaces from objects and appliance that emit heat,: he added.He continued, "There is no point in saving energy on one front then use the savings in a wasteful manner on the other. It only makes sense to produce green energy if it is used sustainably. Good insulation allows us to use energy sustainably."

Caparol is currently among the UAE's leading ETICS (External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems) suppliers. The company is the developer and manufacturer behind patented Dalmatiner technology, which combines black and white expanded polystyrene beads. The black beads are good insulators and Wholesale agate beads are flexible - together they create the perfect mix for insulation board. Caparol ETICS now incorporates a carbon fibre base coat that reinforces, making insulation systems 20 times more impact resistant and thereby more durable.

"To insulate well it is not necessary to have thick walls. New technology uses products that are thin and light weight. Today's ETICS is longer lasting, needs less labour to install and can easily be painted over. Yes, there is an initial cost to installing good insulations, but in the long run there are enormous savings to be made," Dr Kiesewetter praised the UAE government's new green building codes, which require all new buildings be properly insulated. "It is now important to ensure that developers choose the right insulation and install it effectively to maximize energy savings", he added.

In 1524, Lenni-Lenapes paddled their canoes out to welcome Giovanni Da Verrazano as he sailed into what is now Lower New York Bay. Verrazano later described the Lenapes as “most beautiful and have the most civil of customs,” very vocal people, with a rhythmic language.In 1609 the “Half Moon” sailing under the Dutch flag and the leadership of Hendrick Hudson, sailed up the river that was to later bear his name. The first people to greet the ship were the Lenni-Lenape.

According to a ship’s journal, the Native Americans brought gifts of green tobacco and accepted knives and high quality turquoise beads in return.Legend has it that upon return to the new world a year later the Dutch asked the Lenape for a piece of land, “no bigger than a bullock’s hide” so they could plant greens. The Lenape readily agreed to this request.The newcomers, however, pulled a fast one. With a sharp knife they cut the hide into tiny strips, placed them in a wide circle, they took much more land than the Lenapes had anticipated. Perhaps a foreshadowing of the explorers’ voracious appetite for land.

Relations between the Lenape and Europeans were friendly at first, but it didn’t last. Fraudulent land deals and treaties resulted in wars against the Europeans. The important fur trading between the Indians and the settlers gave rise to war between the tribes. The Lenape’s Shangri-La was history.After many years of trials and tribulations, the Lenape were forced out of their villages and their hunting and fishing grounds. They sold their land in exchange for guns, liquor and trinkets.

The Lenape population was decimated by the introduction of foreign diseases such as measles and smallpox due to their lack of natural immunities. It has been estimated there were 20,000 Lenape in the early 1600s; by 1700 only about 4,000 were left.In the mid-1700s Dutch, English and French settlers found their way to what is known today as West Milford. By this time the Lenape had lost their lands and broken promises, misunderstandings and sometimes blatant abuse left the door open to hostilities.

While settlers lost their lives and Indian raids were reported in Sussex as late as 1763, the West Milford settlers and the Lenapes apparently co-existed most often peacefully, but not without incident.It’s been written that an etching on an early tombstone of the Kanouse family of Newfoundland told the story of relatives killed in an “uprising,” assumed to be a Lenape raid. A child of another Newfoundland family was reportedly kidnapped.

This is perhaps one of the best West Milford/Lenni-Lenape tales. It was passed down through the Vreelands, early town settlers. The setting is a man’s home in the dead of winter.Silently, and surely uninvited, night after night a band of “red men” would enter the settler’s home, stand before his fire and request some of his cider. Once satisfied they’d silently leave.Now the settler was getting unsettled giving away his valuable cider so he devised a plan. On the Indian’s next visit, the man handed them a basket and told them they could have all the cider they could carry away in the basket – if they could do it without spilling it.

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