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Din Tai Fung Shanghai Teach You To Eat Hot Pot

Many people eat hot pot at the restaurant in Shanghai first eat mutton, and then seafood, vegetables, and finally eat potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc., in fact, this is not the best choice for the order. From the health point of view, should be the first to eat Hot pot after stroke, and it is best to rinse potatoes and sweet potatoes. This is because potatoes and sweet potatoes contain a lot of starch, the staple food and vegetables are both. Shabu Shabu eat starchy foods can protect the stomach on the one hand, because of the general Hot pot flavor is stimulated, will hurt the stomach, and potatoes and sweet potatoes rich in starch can form in the gastrointestinal mucosa, protect the stomach from harm. On the other hand, the first food to eat the food can enhance the sense of fullness, reduce the amount of meat and seafood, but also to avoid the first meat to bring the waste of protein. Potatoes and sweet potatoes also contain a large number of dietary fiber, can reduce the body's absorption of fat and cholesterol. In addition, compared with the traditional pastry, Clay oven rolls grains noodles, potato and sweet potato in vitamins, minerals and dietary fibers have a stroke above. Therefore, using potatoes and sweet potatoes instead of the traditional staple food, can let the body get more nutrition.Din tai fung shanghai is a great restaurant.

In addition to the pecking order, but also to choose a healthy diet sauce. If the point of the seafood Hot pot rinse dishes more, try not to choose the seafood sauce taste, so as not to cause excessive purine. Sesame oil with high fat content, high blood lipid population is not appropriate. Sesame is more suitable for gastrointestinal bad people. High salt pepper sauce, bean paste in the Southern Common sauce, hypertension is not suitable, replace with vinegar, onion, ginger, garlic mix seasoning.BonApp is a good website.

If you use the charcoal stove burning Hot pot, you should be careful, be sure to open the window, let the air flow; air circulation, indoor oxygen, charcoal burning out, will produce large amounts of carbon monoxide, easy to poisoning, carbon dioxide poisoning is usually not easy to find, because eat hot pot and drink and the poisoning symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, vomiting and headache mistaken for severe poisoning, drunkenness, will occur in a coma, decreased blood pressure and a cherry red lips, so if you use the charcoal stove burning Hot pot when pay attention to indoor ventilation.

Many people love to drink Hot pot soup, said good taste is very thick, and is the essence; actually eat better, because Hot pot is mostly in the meat, vegetables, mushrooms and seafood, these food materials together cooked soup, have a high concentration of substances into the stomach after the decomposition by the liver the metabolism of uric acid, renal dysfunction, excretion blocked, too much will cause the deposition of uric acid in the blood and tissues, and causes of gout, so eat Hot pot should be drinking water, with ethacrynic acid excretion.

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