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Eating habits

Some foods and eating habits in the meal before and after meals on the health of the body is a great influence, the following will follow the small series to see what kind of eating habits is conducive to the health of the body.Local restaurant search is very important.

Fruit: most people think that the fruit belongs to Quhuo food, and immediately after a meal to eat fruit will help digestion. In fact, this is wrong, after a meal to eat fruit, fruit will be the first food block in the stomach, will cause the stagnation of food in the stomach to produce fermentation reaction or even corruption, people usually appear flatulence, constipation and other symptoms, but also bring bad influence to the digestive function. If the time to eat fruit before meals, not only for the immune system to help, but also very good for the health of the body. After the meal to eat the fruit before the benefits of eating a lot, such as weight loss on a very good effect.Din tai fung shanghai is a good restaurant.

Soup: in fact, many of the benefits of eating soup, it can give the mouth, stomach, intestine, esophagus and other food with the only way which must be passed "lubricant", so that the food can successfully swallow, thereby reducing the hard food on the digestive tract mucosa irritation. In addition, eating soup, easy to produce satiety, thereby reducing food intake for Jiangzhijianfei are of great help. "Eating soup, slim and healthy people", is highly praised for it!

Exercise: if you can walk or jog for an hour before a meal, the best time in half an hour or so, the effect will be much better than a lot of exercise. This is because, before the stomach to digest food almost, belly become empty, the body fat cells there is no new fatty acids into motion will cause the body fat into heat and consumed, more conducive to health.

Nap: people after a meal, the blood will flow in the gut, to help digest food in the stomach, resulting in the flow of blood to the brain and limbs will be reduced. If this time nap, limbs and brain and stomach for oxygen and nutrients, resulting in insufficient supply of nutrients in the intestine, the body of lactic acid and other metabolites can not be discharged in time, it is easy to cause indigestion.

If the nap time changed before meals, drink a cup of milk or a small amount of fruit before you go to sleep, sleep time is best kept in an hour or so, wake up after eating lunch, it will effectively alleviate physical fatigue. People who eat a full after the love, if you sleep after eating lunch, the problem will not be a problem.

A healthy diet will give you a comfortable enjoyment, and you want to learn more about the health of the diet can go to the BonApp website.

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