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Other Uses Of Party Paper Napkins

We all know that paper napkins are usually used at the party. For example, Igotoshop sells all kinds of paper napkins, my favorite is green party paper napkins. But there are a lot of other uses.A lot of things can bring a lot of help to the daily life.

1 keep vegetables fresh
Fresh green leafy vegetables to buy a home, usually placed in plastic bags, storage in the refrigerator in 2, 3 days to eat, leaves will turn yellow or decay. Tissue can help fresh. Put the green leafy vegetables in the bag, and then put a piece of party paper napkins in the refrigerator, the refrigerator, the paper will absorb some moisture. This dish, leaves and stalks are not water soaking wet, it does not decay. This method can be extended to the preservation of green leaves, in general, 5 days is no problem.

2 adsorption bloody gravy
Steak meat during the thawing process if the continuous release of blood soaked in water, cooking up the taste is poor. Recommended meat to buy back into before cryopreservation, first with paper napkins covered, outside and then pack a layer of plastic wrap or plastic bags, paper napkins can be the thaw in the instant adsorption bloody, to the ingredients to cook more delicious.

3 to prevent iron rust
With wok cooking not only for the body to add iron, but iron heating, fast heat conduction, is the most popular kitchen wok. But its disadvantage is that it is easy to rust. In order to prevent the rusty iron pot can be after cleaning, first with paper napkins wipe residues in the above water droplets, in inside the pot mat in some tissues, due to the strong absorbent towel, such storage can guarantee the iron does not rust.

4 removal of the wall wax
Was the child painted the wall is very elegant, this time can be put on a paper napkins, the electric iron transferred to the low temperature profile, put on a paper napkins can be pressed, the case of heat will melt the wax, paper napkins will absorb the melted wax stains. This method is also used in the decoration, sofas and carpets on the residual wax stains.

5 test seed activity
Want to know whether the seed is good, can be planted before, the seed is sandwiched between two wet paper napkins, placed in a warm place, if more than two weeks has not yet germination, the seed has lost the vitality.

6 suction hood grease removal
In order to reduce cleaning lampblack machine set the trouble of oil box, as long as the paper napkins folded into small plug in a box, smoke is absorbed by the tissue and therefore only need to be replaced periodically in a new paper napkins.

7 fast to the oil slick
Soup or stew there will be a lot of oil floating in the soup ladle above, with the removal, will waste a lot of soup. Can actually in paper napkins package several ice, let the paper napkins from noodle soup gently glide, the surface of soup, cold oil will solidification and paper napkins sucked up, so you can quickly remove the oil floating on the soup.

8 microwave absorption
Want to eat crispy fried chicken wings, but was afraid to eat too much fat, in the plate covered with paper napkins, the fried chicken wings in a tissue, in the above then cover a layer of paper napkins, with microwave for 30 seconds, a lot of oil will be paper napkins absorb.

9 removal of corn ear
When you peel the corn, it's hard to clean the ear. The wet party paper napkins is wrapped in the skin of the corn, and it will be able to remove the remaining corn ear.

10 softening hard candy
White sugar, brown sugar, easy to agglomerate harden, then you can putcandy poured into a bowl, cover with a wet towel, stored overnight. Wet wipes humidity helps candy broken apart.

Looked at these are not very surprised. Want to wholesale party paper napkins can go to Igotoshop mall.





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