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New Orleans debates go-cup

You can tell we’re still in the meaningless pre-season because the hottest subject of conversation around town last week wasn’t the performance of the Saints but the future of the go-cup.To hear some of the howls of protest over the possibility of the go-cup’s demise, you’d think someone was trying to take away the roast beef po-boy, or king cakes.Somehow in all of this discussion, the go-cup became enshrined as a New Orleans institution, at least in the minds of its defenders. It’s a New Orleans peculiarity, for sure, one that elicits shock and awe among out-of-town visitors.

It’s hardly an institution, though. A poll of New Orleanians would probably rank the go-cup pretty far down on a list of what makes this city special.But for people of certain tastes and proclivities, and especially young adults, it is a cherished perk. I almost expected last week that some young man in a college sweatshirt would bolt in front of the TV cameras, lift his go-cup, and taunt the government: “From my cold, dead hand.”

Despite all of the recent public fretting, the go-cup is not being killed off. It’s only being regulated — regulated a lot more than, say, guns or campaign contributions.It turns out that while a lot of people weren’t looking, restrictions on go-cups have been slipped into agreements between neighborhoods and their alcoholic beverage outlets. In some cases, such as the booming Freret Street area between Napoleon and Jefferson avenues, go-cups have been banned at all restaurants and bars.

Some neighborhoods have been able to extract these complete bans when local establishments tried to get a new alcohol permit or renew an turquoise beads. In other places, curious restrictions have been applied. When Jimmy’s — a popular Willow Street music club that many of us frequented in the previous century — was cleared to reopen recently, the city decreed that only go-cups that bear the club’s name are allowed. Other bars have faced the same stipulation.

I suppose the thinking is that if the cup with a club’s name on it winds up in the gutter, the source of the problem can be publicly shamed. However, I’m reminded of that old line that went, “I don’t care what you say about me as long as you spell my name right.” A cast-off go-cup, whether in the gutter or on a neutral ground or wherever, still gets the brand out there.

There used to be a certain charm attached to the corner bar. In the popular mythology, it was where harried working-class men would go after their shifts ended before they went home to a house full of kids, pending bills and other terrors. But that’s changed, and there have been numerous complaints in recent years about what bars can do to a neighborhood. There’s litter, noise, traffic and, in the worst cases, people urinating in nearby yards.

Particular behaviors at Carnival time that might be acceptable in the French Quarter — such as the practice of bartering beads in exchange for certain lascivious actions — are frowned upon on the Uptown parade route. Similarly, while loud drunks are allowed to stumble with impunity along Bourbon or Decatur sloshing their drinks out of their go-cups as they amble, that’s not a welcome behavior in residential neighborhoods.

Balancing our love of a good time with preserving the livability of our old neighborhoods is the challenge city leaders will have to face for a long, long time.

This precisely is because of the fact that before 7am, fares are relatively low and of course not forgetting my financial situation, am left with no option but to get up a bit earlier than the more privileged who are locally referred to as ‘abaabiteeba’, ‘ba binojjo’, and ‘ba tycoon’.

As I sip my cup of tea, a taxi hoots outside my pathetic single-room rental in Kawempe. Quickly, I pour the rest of my tea even though I know lunch is a luxury in my world! I lock up and rush to the waiting taxi.

Aware of my financial situation, I first consult the conductor on the day’s fare, hoping – like I have every day – that the fare will have reduced but in vain. I then try bargaining with the conductor to reduce my fare by at least Shs 200.

This took me about five minutes and he seemed irritated by my pleas and so were the other passengers, who were visually throwing pangas at me. At this point, I had no option but to jump into the taxi heading to the big city to continue with my daily hustle of job hunting since all the opportunities I got didn’t tick any of my boxes.

There are many young people who are victims of the job hunt like I am, and the majority is fresh university graduates from all over the country. Thousands of them move up and down the dusty and noisy streets of Kampala, amidst the scorching sun, bargaining with life trying to make ends meet.

Beads of sweat run down my face. My skin turns pale as I knock door to door, window to window in vain. The desperation to get a job is written all over my China beads. I am hopeless, disillusioned and very frustrated.

On the dusty streets, I rub shoulders with all kinds of people—the rich, hawkers, robbers—  and I just want to scream at them to help me out. To add salt to injury, I’m on an empty stomach and my hunt is turning out to be fruitless.

 He redshirted along the offensive line in 2011, then underwent a pair of fruitful changes. When Urban Meyer and his staff arrived in early 2012, it was a put-up-or-shut-up moment considering the group’s mandate that the Buckeyes get into shape.

Carter started making strides on that front with the help of strength and conditioning maestro Mickey Marotti, but he didn’t feel he was going anywhere on offense, so he switched over to the defensive side of the football during spring drills.

With everything starting to click, things have been looking up for Carter ever since.

He’s now checking in at 345 pounds, almost at the weight Meyer said he'd have to reach in order ot have a chance to play at OSU, but the truth of the matter is that you’d never guess that based on how trim he looks at the moment. In fact, his thick, long beard – which is generating a lot of “buzz,” in his words – is what stands out the most now about his appearance, not his size.

“For that, I have to give credit to Coach Mick and his program,” Carter said. “He put a lot of muscle in here.”

At that weight, Carter is suddenly an interesting proposition at nose tackle. He’s certainly hard to push around, and now his knowledge base is starting to catch up to his obvious physical abilities which include nimble feet to go with his bulk.

“He’s a guy we’re hoping we can get something out of,” defensive coordinator Luke Fickell said. “He’s in his third year in the program so we know he’s going to go really, really hard and give it everything he’s got. We're going to see.

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