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China Jiangsu To Carry Out Enterprise Credit Evaluation

According to the Jiangsu Province, Suzhou City Grain Bureau the on doing a good job in 2016 annual grain circulation enterprises credit rating work notice "requirement, Wujiang District Grain Bureau earnestly carry out 2016 annual grain circulation enterprises credit rating evaluation.Pay close attention to china business credit.

First, to carry out on-site inspections. By the leaders in charge of headed Bureau of supervision and inspection department is responsible for, to 2015, Jiangsu Province, grain circulation credit evaluation for AA grade 6 and a grade 12 grain and oil enterprises for field visits to check, query acquisition, storage, sale, processing operation, check the quality and health, to seek to provide three years of credit information data, ensure timely grasp the grain and oil enterprises credit status.

Two, strict evaluation classification. The declaration of grain and oil companies were on the content of the acquisition of qualification, grain purchasing and policy of grain and oil, grain statistics system, warehouse management, safety in production of self rating, credit bureau evaluation group in accordance with the evaluation methods and standards for overall and careful verification, combined with self score and daily supervision and inspection results in credit rating. After evaluation, 1 original AA companies fell to a level, 2 former class a company canceled, 2 former class a business rose to AA.

Three, the public comment. On December 11 in bureau website released grain circulation credit evaluation of preliminary results publicity, publicity seeking market supervision and management, taxation, public security, price, environmental protection and other departments for comments, let job evaluation and enterprise being evaluated to accept the supervision of the whole society, reflected the credit evaluation in public justice, better promote my area grain and oil enterprises to consciously law-abiding integrity, in accordance with the law in accordance with regulations perform relevant obligations.

Four, improve the credit file. All reporting grain circulation industry credit evaluation of enterprise credit information filed in a timely manner, to improve enterprise credit information data as evaluating criterion, combined with daily inspection and annual inspection of the dynamic of the norm and supervision and management. Timely reporting and improve the region's grain circulation management object information base and food enterprises credit evaluation system, and constantly improve the grain circulation enterprise credit evaluation quality.

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Notice Of Eating Meat In Winter

Warm winter to eat meat, people should also pay attention to mineral supplement and intake of vegetables containing rhizome. When improve the warm the body and excitability, the desire for meat also naturally reduce, not excessive meat, indirectly reducing fat intake. Today and Local Restaurant Search website edit make up to see how to eat meat the most healthy?

1 to pay attention to the choice of meat
Meat also distinguish the meat, in general, the most healthy fat duck. Duck meat is rich in group B vitamins and vitamin E, the fatty acid is mainly unsaturated fatty acids and low carbon saturated fatty acid, easy to digest. But cold sex constitution or a cold in the women who eat less.
Meat, eggs, fish, dairy and soy products are rich in high quality protein, nutrition not only high value, but also easy to digest and absorb. Meat, beef, mutton and rabbit meat is the best, their animal fat content is less, and the chicken breast is the lowest part of the whole chicken calories and fat content.
2 the diet should be warm
Winter to eat warm meat, cold and in vivo lacks the minerals, the winter should pay attention to the mineral supplement and with more intake of root vegetables. Such as carrots, sweet potato, lotus root, cabbage etc.. Improve the body warm and excited, the desire for meat will naturally reduce the, would not have too much meat, indirectly reducing fat intake.
3 food to collocation properly
Winter only to eat less meat to eat vegetables is not, in fact, in winter should eat more vegetables, vegetables not only can reduce fat for women's income, but also can get rid of dry winter. And vegetables are rich in dietary fiber can reduce blood fat concentration, help to remove waste from the body and grease, acid-base balance, is the best food for weight loss fitness and beauty.
In addition to drink hot soup or water, accelerate the metabolism function, promote intestinal peristalsis, make you lose weight while maintaining the skin moisture, increase immunity. After the meat would like to "remedy", it can be appropriate to add fruit to help digestion.
So, where should we go to eat meat in the winter? Recommend a restaurant to everyone.
It is Din Tai Fung Shanghai

New Year Party Decoration

With the passage of time year after year, the more able to appreciate the rare. For every gathering between friends should be carefully treated, new year is meaning together in good time, in the family and friends together at the beginning of a year how to create good atmosphere? How to put the little things of life or a festival decoration into the old New Year party in moving details? More creative ideas to make your new year a new look.

The new year, Tugunaxin, ready to go. Friends together is refresher moment, not only need to care from returning to the friends of the people, need more fresh visual surprises.

Purple round paper lanterns is the new year's most traditional home decor.Red and gold, the soft decoration, dress up a new year's party the fastest most effective items, some of the occasional small decoration, such as Chinese knot, blessing, chopsticks, and so is also one of the important that make the finishing point. If you want the atmosphere of the party some western at ease, it may wish to purchase some flowers, candlesticks and other elements, and last Christmas with some decorations can also display a slight change to adorn New Year season atmosphere.
It might be the middle of the room off the table, placed a bouquet of flowers for peony center. Can also be placed around the candle holder, napkins and other accessories. If winter flowers, it is difficult to find, on the desktop display lifelike peony flower hand.

A few branches by the master handmade flowers to greet the guests not only has the meaning of "off to a good start" and "rich orientation", is a unique mind.
Hand peony flowers need to use a lot of material, a thin wire green, thick wire, colored crepe paper rattan, green paper tape, flower, white glue, scissors, pliers, homemade template.
1. Petals and leaves of the print template on cardboard cut, rattan paper, by the template to cut the size of petals, leaf size and calyx. Take the cut petals coated with glue, a middle thin wire pasted on the corresponding end of the petal. In the same way as the size of petals paste. The size of leaves, painted with white middle green thin wire, the double layer of adhesive. If the figure is twisted into a group of three, set aside.
2. Make the petals and flower leaf number, leaf group, leaflets respectively in the two groups of two medals on the stick; petals in three sizes for each of the three groups, the largest number of petals five groups. Prepare the material, take the green hard wire end, remove the paper shell. Bending wire with pliers, hooking and clamping pliers with yellow tipped stamens. With green tape wrapped around the fixed hook. The three small petals in the flower fixed around the same use of green tape.
3. Gradually the remaining petals staggered position fixed around in the flowers. The paper rattan after paste and wire shaping to reorganize the ideal modeling. If you want to be full of flowers, you can add the number of petals. Finally, according to the template cut calyx coated with glue, around the bottom of the flower stick well. With green tape winding fixed, if the blade. After sorting out the flowers, the flowers will be more realistic.

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Show The Best Market Analysis Report

The market analysis report belongs to the category of the investigation report. It is made up of two verbs. "Market analysis" is to investigate and analyze the objective situation of the enterprise's market environment, to find out the time, place, background, process and result of the occurrence of things. "Report" is the analysis of the results obtained from the market research to collate, through analysis, synthesis, to clarify its significance, the report to the relevant departments and readers. This style is one of the main tools for the customer manager to understand the market, understand the market, grasp the market, collect market information.Caprotec Bioanalytics GmbH provide quality analysis report.

Market analysis report is an analysis of the market size, market competition, regional market, market trends and attractive range of the survey data. It refers to the industry market survey and supply and demand forecast, according to the market environment of the industry products, competitiveness and competitors, analysis, determine whether the industry's products in the market, as well as how to take a marketing strategy to achieve sales goals or how to use the investment strategy to enter the market.Excellent market analysis report:Smart ring Market Report.
Key analysis points of the market analysis report include:
1) market supply analysis and market forecast
Including the current assets of the industry market supply estimates and forecasts the future supply capacity of the industry market.
2) market demand analysis and asset market demand forecast
Including the current assets of the industry market demand estimates and forecasts the future market capacity of the asset market and product competitiveness. Methods of survey analysis, statistical analysis and correlation analysis are usually used.
3) market demand level and market demand analysis
That is, according to the market characteristics, population distribution, economic income, consumption habits, administrative divisions, best-selling brand, production and consumption, to determine the needs of different regions, different consumers and users, as well as the cost of transportation and sales
4) market competition pattern
Including the main market competition, the main body of the competition in the market position, as well as the industry to take the main means of competition, etc..
5) estimate the product life cycle and the time of sale
To predict the time required by the market, to make the production and distribution and other activities and the market demand for the most appropriate coordination. Through the market analysis can determine the future demand of products, varieties and duration; product sales and competitive ability; product specification variety change and update; product demand area distribution, etc..

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Christmas Party Decoration Plan

In this winter, do you expect the coming of Christmas? How can we feel the festive atmosphere? We can choose some interesting Christmas decorations to the company party and family party dress more warm, today, I will talk about 2015 christmas party decoration.

Christmas decorations: Christmas stockings
Before the big one pair of red socks, irrespective of size, because the Christmas stocking is to be used to install a gift, so is the children's favorite things. In the evening, they will hang their socks in the bed, waiting for the next morning gifts. Now, Christmas
stockings are hung on the Christmas tree as a Christmas decorations.Purple paper honeycomb balls is a good choice.

Christmas decorations two: Christmas hat
Christmas hat is a red hat, it is said to sleep in the evening, in addition to sleep well and a little warm, the second day you will find a number of people in the hat to send gifts. In the carnival night it is the protagonist, no matter where you go to the corner,
you will see a wide variety of Christmas hats. Christmas hats are also commonly used for Christmas decorations.

Christmas decorations three: Christmas ring
Christmas Christmas decorations ring Christmas in western countries during the hanging in front of the home decorations, usually with green leaves or rattan (pine, pine needles, etc.) and silver metal and golden bells accompanied by the composition of the red ribbon.

The main colors green, white, yellow, red represents festive, says MERRY CHRISTMAS, or X'mas. Simple decoration items, also plays a very important role.

Christmas decorations four: three-dimensional snowflakes or luminous snowflakesThe top of the room can be hung with a solid snowflake or light emitting snowflakes, snowflakes will be very beautiful under the irradiation of incandescent light. If you are using a three-dimensional snowflakes, can use the above lines or lines above the paste can be wide tape. The suspension was high.

Christmas decorations five: Christmas tree
When it comes to the Christmas decorations, it's not a Christmas tree. It's one of the most famous traditions of Christmas. People usually put an evergreen plant like pine into the house or outdoors before Christmas. And put an angel or a star on the top of the tree. With candles and Christmas decorations to fir Larch decorated evergreen tree, as a Christmas celebration part and modern Christmas tree origin in Germany.

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The 3 C's of Content Marketing

Happy Monday, everyone! This week in news read about the top 5 emerging technology trends, 19 social media facts that every marketer should know, Google Android catching up to Apple in race for mobile ad dollars, and mobile contributed 59% to ad revenue for the first quarter of Facebook. In tips, learn how to increase your social media click-through rates, the three C’s of content marketing, effective, ethical native advertising, and 5 steps to creating a better app… It’s Skimming the News!


The Top 5 Emerging Technology Trends of 2014 via Business2 Community

According to Gartner, one result of BYOD is “a doubling or even tripling of the size of the mobile workforce.” Gartner predicts improvements in JavaScript performance will push HTML5 and browser-based enterprise application development environments into the mainstream. Gartner believes the number of mobile apps will grow—while the number of larger applications shrink–with apps becoming smaller and more targeted than more comprehensive applications. Read the full article for the complete list of emerging technology trends.

19 Social Media Facts that Every Marketer Should Know [Video] via Mashable

Over 50% of the world’s population is under 30 years old. 53% of people on Twitter recommend products in their tweets.93% of shoppers’ buying decisions are influenced by social media. 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations whereas only 14% of consumers trust advertisements. The four C’s of digital are creating, curating connecting, and culture. See video for full list of facts.

Google’s Android Catching Up to Apple in Race for Mobile Ad Dollars via AdAge

In a report published Tuesday, mobile-ad platform Opera Mediaworks found that devices running Android sent a greater percentage of ad requests in the first quarter of 2014 than those running Apple’s iOS. The report found that, in the first quarter, Android devices’ share of mobile-ad requests reached 42.8%, up from 31.3%. Over that time iOS’s share fell to 38.2% from 44.5%. After serving 76% of impressions in the first quarter last year, Android and iOS now control 81% of all traffic and 86% of revenue.

Facebook’s Q1: Mobile Contributed 59% of Ad Revenue in Q1 via AdExchanger

Facebook reported first-quarter earnings Wednesday, exceeding analyst estimates with ad revenue growth of 82% to $2.3 billion. In contrast, Google’s Q1 revenues were seven times larger at $15.4 billion, but its growth was only 19%. The number of users accessing Facebook via a mobile device jumped 43% year over year to 609 million globally, and monthly active mobile users surpassed 1 billion for the first time. Mobile now contributes 59% of the company’s total ad revenues, up from 30% in Q1 2013.


How to Increase Your Social Media Click-Through Rates via Social Media Examiner

Most businesses make the same mistake in their social media updates: They don’t have a call to action that routes people back to their website. Remember to give fans a reason to click through. To get the most out of your efforts, look at which social updates, blog posts and advertising campaigns your prospective customers have responded well to in the past. Use your landing page to provide more information and another clear, strong call to action and the means to complete that action.

The 3C digital accessories Marketing via Entreprenuer

Be compelling. The information and perspective you provide should feel unlike anything that’s available elsewhere, and it should give your customer pause. Always customize. When publishing your content, it’s important that it feel unique to your customer, specially created to suit their certain kind of needs. Keep consistency. Each piece of content you distribute should be published consistently, with purpose, and with a constant brand voice.

The Essential Guide for Effective, Ethical Native Advertising via Business2Community

To avoid angering your audience, transparency is critical when it comes to native advertising. Strive to educate, inform, or entertain while weaving your brand message subtly into the content. Since kids are less likely to distinguish between advertising and regular content, avoid sponsored ads in children’s publications and websites. Native ads work best when the content is consistent with a brand’s personality, as well as the publisher’s editorial mandate. Finally, provide an opportunity to participate and make customers feel empowered.

Five Steps to Better Apps: A Cookbook for Mobile Application Security via Forbes

Code should be regularly scanned for security vulnerabilities during the development cycle. Companies that have to go back and add security after development often find that it can be more expensive. Applications produced should be automatically tested as part of a build automation process. All development staff should have received some secure application development security training. Check for security gaps by testing vulnerabilities. Utilize other testing techniques such as penetration testing, infrastructure tests, and risk reviews.

Din Tai Fung Shanghai Teach You To Eat Hot Pot

Many people eat hot pot at the restaurant in Shanghai first eat mutton, and then seafood, vegetables, and finally eat potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc., in fact, this is not the best choice for the order. From the health point of view, should be the first to eat Hot pot after stroke, and it is best to rinse potatoes and sweet potatoes. This is because potatoes and sweet potatoes contain a lot of starch, the staple food and vegetables are both. Shabu Shabu eat starchy foods can protect the stomach on the one hand, because of the general Hot pot flavor is stimulated, will hurt the stomach, and potatoes and sweet potatoes rich in starch can form in the gastrointestinal mucosa, protect the stomach from harm. On the other hand, the first food to eat the food can enhance the sense of fullness, reduce the amount of meat and seafood, but also to avoid the first meat to bring the waste of protein. Potatoes and sweet potatoes also contain a large number of dietary fiber, can reduce the body's absorption of fat and cholesterol. In addition, compared with the traditional pastry, Clay oven rolls grains noodles, potato and sweet potato in vitamins, minerals and dietary fibers have a stroke above. Therefore, using potatoes and sweet potatoes instead of the traditional staple food, can let the body get more nutrition.Din tai fung shanghai is a great restaurant.

In addition to the pecking order, but also to choose a healthy diet sauce. If the point of the seafood Hot pot rinse dishes more, try not to choose the seafood sauce taste, so as not to cause excessive purine. Sesame oil with high fat content, high blood lipid population is not appropriate. Sesame is more suitable for gastrointestinal bad people. High salt pepper sauce, bean paste in the Southern Common sauce, hypertension is not suitable, replace with vinegar, onion, ginger, garlic mix seasoning.BonApp is a good website.

If you use the charcoal stove burning Hot pot, you should be careful, be sure to open the window, let the air flow; air circulation, indoor oxygen, charcoal burning out, will produce large amounts of carbon monoxide, easy to poisoning, carbon dioxide poisoning is usually not easy to find, because eat hot pot and drink and the poisoning symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, vomiting and headache mistaken for severe poisoning, drunkenness, will occur in a coma, decreased blood pressure and a cherry red lips, so if you use the charcoal stove burning Hot pot when pay attention to indoor ventilation.

Many people love to drink Hot pot soup, said good taste is very thick, and is the essence; actually eat better, because Hot pot is mostly in the meat, vegetables, mushrooms and seafood, these food materials together cooked soup, have a high concentration of substances into the stomach after the decomposition by the liver the metabolism of uric acid, renal dysfunction, excretion blocked, too much will cause the deposition of uric acid in the blood and tissues, and causes of gout, so eat Hot pot should be drinking water, with ethacrynic acid excretion.

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Trade with China

In the beginning of 2015, President Xi of China and President Obama announced an historic agreement committing our two countries to dramatic action in the fight against climate change.

This April, as a critical part of that commitment, leaders in government and business took an important step to realize that agreement: a trade mission to China, connecting America’s clean energy innovators with China’s vast energy markets. You can check china trade credit in CNbizsearch.

The opportunity is enormous. Under the joint climate agreement, China intends to peak its carbon emissions and generate one-fifth of its energy from clean sources within 15 years. The latter target alone amounts to building about a billion kilowatts of new, low-carbon capacity — a fleet of power plants roughly the size of the entire U.S. electrical grid.

China’s energy needs will require infrastructure. But even more so, they’ll require cutting-edge technology — advanced tools to harness new fuels, capture greenhouse gases, and manage energy demand on a massive scale.

By adopting some of the world’s most ambitious climate targets, the United States and China have opened up one of the world’s most expansive new marketplaces for low-carbon technology. And it’s a marketplace where American businesses are uniquely positioned to compete and win.

Over the past several years, American engineers and entrepreneurs have unleashed a wave of unprecedented growth in clean tech. American innovation has helped cut the price of high-tech batteries by more than 60 percent in six years. This week, they became cheap enough to power not just our cars, but our homes. Likewise, America’s solar electricity production has increased more than twentyfold since 2009. Our utilities have rolled out smart meters to nearly 40 million households, and their data is driving the world’s leading energy analytics companies.

All told, businesses that deliver advanced energy solutions are growing five times faster than the rest of U.S. economy. They’re creating thousands of good-paying jobs that can’t be shipped overseas. Early-stage investment from the private and public sectors is seeding a new generation of revolutionary ideas.

It’s worth noting that in many cases, smart policies have helped fuel that success. State-based energy regulations have stimulated demand for cleaner, more efficient technologies, and federal tax incentives have pushed their costs down. New standards under the Obama’s Clean Power Plan will do even more to drive innovation.

But credit belongs first and foremost to the businesses that have shouldered the risks — and today, America is reaping the rewards of a resurgent clean energy economy. Revenue soared to $200 billion last year, and U.S. companies claimed 15 percent of the global market for advanced energy in 2014.

The trade delegation that traveled to China, alongside many others in our industry, have an opportunity to capture an even larger share of that market. As China pushes hard to curb its emissions, it will need the kind of advanced, scalable clean energy technology that American businesses are ready to export.

That’s why leaders from the Department of Commerce, the Department of Energy, and 24 American firms, including mine, traveled from Beijing to Guangzhou this month to offer a host of next-generation climate solutions, spanning green buildings and data centers to smart grid software.

In the months ahead, our two countries will accelerate bilateral trade in low-carbon products and services. Our businesses will continue to grow and add jobs, and the cost of clean energy will fall. Earth’s two largest economies and two largest carbon emitters — which together account for half of all greenhouse gas pollution — will signal by the power of our example that we’re willing to lead in a new clean energy era.

In turn, concrete steps toward our shared climate commitments will continue to spur progress beyond our borders. Scaling the global clean energy economy is already driving down the cost of low-carbon technologies worldwide. More countries are getting the chance to invest.

They’re also looking ahead to the next United Nations Climate Conference. When the U.S. and China approach the negotiating table in November, the world will finally see the two most critical climate actors champion an ambitious, inclusive deal to drive down global carbon pollution.

If an agreement can be reached in Paris — and there is great optimism that it can — American businesses will turn the text of a treaty into tech that’s ready to ship all over the world. That’s good news for our economy, but even more so for our children, for whom climate solutions mean the difference between a livable planet and one that’s beyond fixing.

Christmas Party Decoration

2015 weeks away from two, you may think that time is still early, but the streets have begun to put out the Christmas elements of the jewelry and window design, and now began to prepare Christmas ornaments and gifts are not more calmly. How to make a home more Christmas atmosphere, the following are some of the essential Christmas decoration, creative and do not lose the tradition, in fact, can be done by hand. And you are still worried about what to send this year? All the basic necessities of life Christmas gift recommendation, let the winter warm unforgettable 2015. Maybe you can buy some Christmas decorations from Igotoshop, and they will give you a bright Christmas party.This is christmas party supplies wholesale.

Christmas tree is undoubtedly the most able to create a Christmas atmosphere of jewelry, and no wonder that many scented candles and indoor air fresh agent is to imitate the taste.One of Britain's most popular Christmas tree varieties is Ciscaucasia, best-selling American varieties is Douglas fir and Fraser fir.

So the question is, what is it good to hang on the Christmas tree? Maybe you'll have to take it out last year, so let's look at the creative decorations, and they can be made completely by hand. This is often thought of decorative details lit the most warm and memorable moments. Igotoshop store sells a lot of Christmas decorations, such as: Christmas paper honeycomb ball.

Hanging on the door of the wreath to let a person in a house on the feeling of the Christmas atmosphere, of course, hanging in the interior of the wreath is also essential. No matter what kind of Christmas wreath, in order to prevent them from drying, do not forget to give them some water every few days.

Although it has long been a believe that Santa Claus will bring a gift, but we still believe in love and affection. The gift of socks on the fireplace and the bed is the joy of sharing.

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Eating habits

Some foods and eating habits in the meal before and after meals on the health of the body is a great influence, the following will follow the small series to see what kind of eating habits is conducive to the health of the body.Local restaurant search is very important.

Fruit: most people think that the fruit belongs to Quhuo food, and immediately after a meal to eat fruit will help digestion. In fact, this is wrong, after a meal to eat fruit, fruit will be the first food block in the stomach, will cause the stagnation of food in the stomach to produce fermentation reaction or even corruption, people usually appear flatulence, constipation and other symptoms, but also bring bad influence to the digestive function. If the time to eat fruit before meals, not only for the immune system to help, but also very good for the health of the body. After the meal to eat the fruit before the benefits of eating a lot, such as weight loss on a very good effect.Din tai fung shanghai is a good restaurant.

Soup: in fact, many of the benefits of eating soup, it can give the mouth, stomach, intestine, esophagus and other food with the only way which must be passed "lubricant", so that the food can successfully swallow, thereby reducing the hard food on the digestive tract mucosa irritation. In addition, eating soup, easy to produce satiety, thereby reducing food intake for Jiangzhijianfei are of great help. "Eating soup, slim and healthy people", is highly praised for it!

Exercise: if you can walk or jog for an hour before a meal, the best time in half an hour or so, the effect will be much better than a lot of exercise. This is because, before the stomach to digest food almost, belly become empty, the body fat cells there is no new fatty acids into motion will cause the body fat into heat and consumed, more conducive to health.

Nap: people after a meal, the blood will flow in the gut, to help digest food in the stomach, resulting in the flow of blood to the brain and limbs will be reduced. If this time nap, limbs and brain and stomach for oxygen and nutrients, resulting in insufficient supply of nutrients in the intestine, the body of lactic acid and other metabolites can not be discharged in time, it is easy to cause indigestion.

If the nap time changed before meals, drink a cup of milk or a small amount of fruit before you go to sleep, sleep time is best kept in an hour or so, wake up after eating lunch, it will effectively alleviate physical fatigue. People who eat a full after the love, if you sleep after eating lunch, the problem will not be a problem.

A healthy diet will give you a comfortable enjoyment, and you want to learn more about the health of the diet can go to the BonApp website.

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What is a Self-Balancing Scooter

A Self-Balancing Scooter, sometimes known as a ‘Hoverboard Scooter’, is a 2 wheel automatic balancing rover which allows the user to move like they were on a segway while only using their feet to control the device. Borrowing most of its technology from the modern segway, this scooter is a smaller, carry-on option for the average consumer.

The Self-Balancing Scooter has been climbing its way into consumer media with the popularization of the device by celebrities and YouTube personalities such as Kylie Jenner, Casey Neistat, and Tmartn. With each having their own unique massive audience it was a surefire conversation starter.

The Self-Balancing Scooter has been acquiring tremendous reviews from users so much so that some people have been buying in bulk so that they could get the best discount. While some scour the internet for the cheapest price. Some of the most praised and renowned balancing scooter is made by IO Hawk, MonoRover, and CHIC.

Though some can reach an amazing speed of 12 MPH, these scooters are made extremely durable. It accelerates by simply applying pressure with the front your feet. It carries two driver motors withing the wheels that can be controlled with both feet individually for easy turns, rotation, acceleration and smooth breaking. Weighing about 22 pounds this scooter is not light, however it is a sturdy enough to take a good amount of beating.

There have been some talk over the scooters that were sold by IO Hawk. Some people have noticed that the devices that were sold by the company cost ~$1,800 were the exact same as a copy by a Chinese company was selling for only ~$360. Some argue that they are a rip-off trying to make an absurd amount of profit while others defend the company saying that it is easier to deal with an american company as the middleman when it comes to redeeming their warranty rather than a Chinese Company.

For the most part the generic models that are being sold by the Chinese companies are of decent quality. Some popular YouTube personalities such as FouseyTube and Casey Neistat have personally praised some of the generic models because of the great quality and the savings.

Though some of these scooters are rather expensive, it is only in its early stages. As the technology advances the price of the device will ultimately drop. This will concurrently change the way that people get around and push us forward to a better future.


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