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Shanghai Local Restaurant Food

If the relationship between the past and present to describe Shanghai cuisine, it is past and local cuisine, and this life is Shanghai cuisine. Used to narrow the Shanghai cuisine is the cuisine, usually refers to the old people of Shanghai dishes,Local restaurant search and the generalized Shanghai dishes called new Shanghai dish is the cuisine is based, absorption of Guangdong, Sichuan, Ning Yang, Su, tin and other local flavor and Western food cooking methods, pay attention to take many long push Chen Chuxin, reflecting the accept fresh things Shanghai diet spirit.

Shanghai cuisine cooking braised, fried, steamed, stir and simmer for worse. Thick red oil sauce is Shanghai food is the most traditional features, meaning zhinongweihou, heavy oil, sugar, bright color, used to describe the Shanghai local cuisine braised dishes. Toothed burclover circle, oil and Butter Crab, oil burst shrimp these are old Shanghai restaurant will point the dish, the characteristics of "thick red oil sauce," show incisively and vividly. Shanghai food and day location, wide selection of materials, materials of fresh, seasonal stress. Four seasons climate gave Shanghai quarterly the freshest ingredients, for example in the spring to eat raw stir toothed burclover, stir Lycium chinense Mill, saury, back to the fish, the summer eat fried eel paste, refined steamed shad, crystal shrimp in autumn and winter, and stir fried crab with butter, shrimp big bird ginseng, herring bald lung dishes. Shanghai cuisine in the penetration of the Shanghai People's character, gentle and delicate, refreshing cool, Wen did not fire is Shanghai cuisine consistent style, embody the people of Shanghai fine and delicate.

In addition to the thick oil red sauce of this group of food and beverage, the most so that Shanghai people are proud of a variety of folk snacks. Both familiar "cake, fried dough sticks, soybean milk, rice and millet" four diamond, or a native of fried bread, Nanxiang, Sam sun small wonton, crab shell yellow, always remind the bottom of my heart the most warm food and memory. Taste the classic Shanghai flavor snacks, familiar with the spread of happiness.

Shanghai is also a special petty bourgeoisie of the city, in this full of romantic land, too many delicious to tie him down a our steps. Whether it is in a lazy afternoon, in the high-rise buildings in the Bund to taste afternoon tea, or find a old villas private restaurant, cup staggered back to the 1930s Shanghai, alleys of the old Shikumen, and flowing exotic bar, everything can become amorous Huai old objects, eat shopping will let you warp.

Shanghai braise in soy sauce meat mainly with rock sugar fried candy colors, accompanied with a small amount of soy sauce, and red color bright attractive, fat but not greasy, taste sweet side, importers melted, memorable, and show the characteristics of Shanghai cuisine thick red oil sauce.

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Notice Of Eating Meat In Winter

Warm winter to eat meat, people should also pay attention to mineral supplement and intake of vegetables containing rhizome. When improve the warm the body and excitability, the desire for meat also naturally reduce, not excessive meat, indirectly reducing fat intake. Today and Local Restaurant Search website edit make up to see how to eat meat the most healthy?

1 to pay attention to the choice of meat
Meat also distinguish the meat, in general, the most healthy fat duck. Duck meat is rich in group B vitamins and vitamin E, the fatty acid is mainly unsaturated fatty acids and low carbon saturated fatty acid, easy to digest. But cold sex constitution or a cold in the women who eat less.
Meat, eggs, fish, dairy and soy products are rich in high quality protein, nutrition not only high value, but also easy to digest and absorb. Meat, beef, mutton and rabbit meat is the best, their animal fat content is less, and the chicken breast is the lowest part of the whole chicken calories and fat content.
2 the diet should be warm
Winter to eat warm meat, cold and in vivo lacks the minerals, the winter should pay attention to the mineral supplement and with more intake of root vegetables. Such as carrots, sweet potato, lotus root, cabbage etc.. Improve the body warm and excited, the desire for meat will naturally reduce the, would not have too much meat, indirectly reducing fat intake.
3 food to collocation properly
Winter only to eat less meat to eat vegetables is not, in fact, in winter should eat more vegetables, vegetables not only can reduce fat for women's income, but also can get rid of dry winter. And vegetables are rich in dietary fiber can reduce blood fat concentration, help to remove waste from the body and grease, acid-base balance, is the best food for weight loss fitness and beauty.
In addition to drink hot soup or water, accelerate the metabolism function, promote intestinal peristalsis, make you lose weight while maintaining the skin moisture, increase immunity. After the meat would like to "remedy", it can be appropriate to add fruit to help digestion.
So, where should we go to eat meat in the winter? Recommend a restaurant to everyone.
It is Din Tai Fung Shanghai

Din Tai Fung Shanghai Teach You To Eat Hot Pot

Many people eat hot pot at the restaurant in Shanghai first eat mutton, and then seafood, vegetables, and finally eat potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc., in fact, this is not the best choice for the order. From the health point of view, should be the first to eat Hot pot after stroke, and it is best to rinse potatoes and sweet potatoes. This is because potatoes and sweet potatoes contain a lot of starch, the staple food and vegetables are both. Shabu Shabu eat starchy foods can protect the stomach on the one hand, because of the general Hot pot flavor is stimulated, will hurt the stomach, and potatoes and sweet potatoes rich in starch can form in the gastrointestinal mucosa, protect the stomach from harm. On the other hand, the first food to eat the food can enhance the sense of fullness, reduce the amount of meat and seafood, but also to avoid the first meat to bring the waste of protein. Potatoes and sweet potatoes also contain a large number of dietary fiber, can reduce the body's absorption of fat and cholesterol. In addition, compared with the traditional pastry, Clay oven rolls grains noodles, potato and sweet potato in vitamins, minerals and dietary fibers have a stroke above. Therefore, using potatoes and sweet potatoes instead of the traditional staple food, can let the body get more nutrition.Din tai fung shanghai is a great restaurant.

In addition to the pecking order, but also to choose a healthy diet sauce. If the point of the seafood Hot pot rinse dishes more, try not to choose the seafood sauce taste, so as not to cause excessive purine. Sesame oil with high fat content, high blood lipid population is not appropriate. Sesame is more suitable for gastrointestinal bad people. High salt pepper sauce, bean paste in the Southern Common sauce, hypertension is not suitable, replace with vinegar, onion, ginger, garlic mix seasoning.BonApp is a good website.

If you use the charcoal stove burning Hot pot, you should be careful, be sure to open the window, let the air flow; air circulation, indoor oxygen, charcoal burning out, will produce large amounts of carbon monoxide, easy to poisoning, carbon dioxide poisoning is usually not easy to find, because eat hot pot and drink and the poisoning symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, vomiting and headache mistaken for severe poisoning, drunkenness, will occur in a coma, decreased blood pressure and a cherry red lips, so if you use the charcoal stove burning Hot pot when pay attention to indoor ventilation.

Many people love to drink Hot pot soup, said good taste is very thick, and is the essence; actually eat better, because Hot pot is mostly in the meat, vegetables, mushrooms and seafood, these food materials together cooked soup, have a high concentration of substances into the stomach after the decomposition by the liver the metabolism of uric acid, renal dysfunction, excretion blocked, too much will cause the deposition of uric acid in the blood and tissues, and causes of gout, so eat Hot pot should be drinking water, with ethacrynic acid excretion.

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Eating habits

Some foods and eating habits in the meal before and after meals on the health of the body is a great influence, the following will follow the small series to see what kind of eating habits is conducive to the health of the body.Local restaurant search is very important.

Fruit: most people think that the fruit belongs to Quhuo food, and immediately after a meal to eat fruit will help digestion. In fact, this is wrong, after a meal to eat fruit, fruit will be the first food block in the stomach, will cause the stagnation of food in the stomach to produce fermentation reaction or even corruption, people usually appear flatulence, constipation and other symptoms, but also bring bad influence to the digestive function. If the time to eat fruit before meals, not only for the immune system to help, but also very good for the health of the body. After the meal to eat the fruit before the benefits of eating a lot, such as weight loss on a very good effect.Din tai fung shanghai is a good restaurant.

Soup: in fact, many of the benefits of eating soup, it can give the mouth, stomach, intestine, esophagus and other food with the only way which must be passed "lubricant", so that the food can successfully swallow, thereby reducing the hard food on the digestive tract mucosa irritation. In addition, eating soup, easy to produce satiety, thereby reducing food intake for Jiangzhijianfei are of great help. "Eating soup, slim and healthy people", is highly praised for it!

Exercise: if you can walk or jog for an hour before a meal, the best time in half an hour or so, the effect will be much better than a lot of exercise. This is because, before the stomach to digest food almost, belly become empty, the body fat cells there is no new fatty acids into motion will cause the body fat into heat and consumed, more conducive to health.

Nap: people after a meal, the blood will flow in the gut, to help digest food in the stomach, resulting in the flow of blood to the brain and limbs will be reduced. If this time nap, limbs and brain and stomach for oxygen and nutrients, resulting in insufficient supply of nutrients in the intestine, the body of lactic acid and other metabolites can not be discharged in time, it is easy to cause indigestion.

If the nap time changed before meals, drink a cup of milk or a small amount of fruit before you go to sleep, sleep time is best kept in an hour or so, wake up after eating lunch, it will effectively alleviate physical fatigue. People who eat a full after the love, if you sleep after eating lunch, the problem will not be a problem.

A healthy diet will give you a comfortable enjoyment, and you want to learn more about the health of the diet can go to the BonApp website.

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Diet And Life:Local Restaurant Search

Food, it should be like love is full of silent spell, to try to stop but cannot be not it cannot. To keep thinking about, again and again three and its date meeting.

Every time, like the discovery of food, will bring us the same surprise. Not at all concerned, we have already used the most of the income in the search for food and enjoy the food. We call for Food life, happiness, sweet, sweet life. And young, is to live such a life.

In the end, the ideal live the day before long. He was a Food, therefore Aiwujiwu, Chengdu will be a wonderful woman cooking in my arms. Not without anger, despair. At that time, a man hiding in a rented cottage, will buy a full table of food stalls. Is the past two people together like the food, now a person with tears, while hard to eat, while in the heart to scold.

So repeatedly, until the cold meals odor, until I see the spicy and delicious food, my stomach began to bouts of pantothenic acid in water. Just understand, originally, tempting food and love as looks touching hearts, tantalizing, cannot withstand the time spent.

Winter snow, he will run to local restaurant search beef , buy some bone and meat, boiled a pot of nutrient rich beef soup. End on the table, and the bottom of the bowl is a layer of thinly sliced beef, noodles is gently floating white light green chopped green onion, coriander. Such beautiful and fragrant and fresh broth is less used to eat, but also my heart that tasteless soup soup water, through his hands, after years of silence ablation, unexpectedly also eat the years of quiet, the secular stability of taste.

If you also want to find a relationship between food and life, it might as well take a long time to go to the BonApp site to carry out local restaurant search.


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