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Urban Soup Kitchen Tell You How To Drink Soup

As the saying goes, "the first soup before meals, than good prescription", this is justified. Eat, food is through the mouth, throat, esophagus finally to the stomach, it is like a channel. Into the soup time to 20 minutes before meals is good, but also can be slow to eat a small amount into the soup. Although the soup before meals is good for health, but not to drink as much as possible.
There's a reason for that.

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Breakfast can be appropriate to drink more, because the morning after a night of sleep, loss of water more. In the bowl of soup before dinner is appropriate, especially at night to drink, otherwise frequent nocturia affect sleep. How long it can reach the peak of nutritional soup?

Said light soup to eat to lose weight, so a lot of people choice dinner after work, with a pot of steaming tasty soup treat yourself, but experts suggest dinner should be appropriate to eat something light, some of the soup is not night drink. Such as meat soup than oil, high calorie, not suitable for eating at night, in the morning or at noon to eat better. Long time heating can damage the vitamins in the dishes, and 1 to 1.5 hours to get the ideal nutritional value, the proportion of energy consumption and nutritional value is better.

In addition, in the pot of beef soup, put one or two tomato, can increase the content of lycopene in the soup, and the acid can tender beef fiber, so that the meat is more delicious.Urban Soup Kitchen sells beef soup is very delicious.

I heard, different circumstances choose different soup.

1, the morning of the most suitable for drinking broth, because the broth is rich in protein and fat, in vivo digestion can be maintained for 3-5 hours, to avoid people generally in the morning 10-12 point

of this period is easy to produce hunger and low blood sugar;
2, different seasons drink different soup can prevent seasonal disease. Such as the summer should drink green bean soup, winter is advised to drink mutton soup, etc.;
3, the body fat person is suitable for the first in the meal to drink a bowl of vegetable soup, can satisfy the appetite, but also advantageous to lose weight. The body of the thin and thin people drink high sugar, high protein can enhance the body of the body;
4, pregnant women, nursing women and the elderly, children can drink half a bowl of bone soup before eating, to supplement the body's need for calcium. Note that the fracture patients should not drink bone soup;
5, before menstruation is suitable to drink mild soup, do not drink nourishing soup, so as not to make too much and cause menorrhagia;
6 and when you have a cold is not suitable for soup tonic. It even mild character of American ginseng also had better not be taken, because the greasy soup easy to aggravate the symptoms of a cold.
7, only one or two kinds of soup can long-term drink should drink soup, all kinds of alternative, more can increase appetite, nutrition balance. A diet with a role in the soup to drink to play a role, drink 2-3 times a week is appropriate.
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