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A Picture Above The Paper Plate

First, the concept of active design
1 know art in a wide range of cultural context
Art is an important part of human culture, it has a very close relationship with the social life. Yellow Polka dot Paper Plates on the painting by allowing students to appreciate before class teachers and students together to collect a variety of ancient and modern material, shape and decorative pattern plate, plate feel the beauty, in a broader cultural context, understanding the art characteristic, art performance of diversity and art to social life unique contribution. At the same time, train students love to the motherland fine art traditions, respect to the diversification of the world culture.

2 cultivate students' innovative spirit and practical ability
Modern society should give full play to the subjectivity and creativity of every person, art class should pay special attention to the cultivation of students' personality and spirit of innovation. In the paper on the paper, students design, draw a plate pattern, to encourage students to innovate, so that the students thinking fluency, flexibility and uniqueness to develop, to maximize the development of students' creative potential, so that students will be innovative ideas into concrete results, training practical ability.

3 stimulate students interest in learning art
One of the basic driving force of interest in learning art. The choice of painting on paper is closely related to students' life experience, emphasizing the role of knowledge and skills in art life, and the unique value of art in real life.

Two, activity content analysis
The teaching activities aimed at through the design of making paper plate painting guide students to appreciate, discussion, creation, performance, evaluation activities, make students understand a variety of ancient and modern material, shape and decorative pattern plate, plate beauty; through their own design of plate design, so as to cultivate the students' imagination, ability and innovation consciousness, highlighting the fun and creativity, stimulate students' interest in learning of art and promote the development of personality.

Three, the student situation introduction and analysis
Students are intermediate class students, aged 7 - 9 years old, in a year and a half of the palace. Ability to have a certain shape and the ability to organize the picture, the initial grasp of a certain color knowledge. In some time of learning, to master basic skills, skills based, painting content, knowledge points and teaching methods are relatively simple, students can easily lose their enthusiasm for learning. Therefore, this stage of teaching to painting and real life, emphasizing the role of knowledge and skills in the art of life, feel the unique value of art in real life, through the design, drawing plate pattern to realize the success and joy of art creation.A painting on a paper plates.Igotoshop sell high quality paper plates.


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