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Garlic Turkish Restaurant in shanghai

See an article, lonely people have to eat. I want to eat, what to eat, ah. Eat is the most basic, the beggar beggars can also eat, just what people can eat, lonely people must eat well, only eat only to himself. The best Turkey restaurant is Garlic Turkish Restaurant in shanghai.

When I was very young, I knew that. When I was young, I don't like to play with friends, have a personality, have an idea, so I always seem to be alone. But the lonely children also have their own world, as Eileen Chang said, the art of life is not that she does not understand, she knows how to look at the outside of the tree leaves on the double deck, listening to the night of the soldiers playing the table tennis Sax music, as well as salt water. Yes, I understand. I know what kind of food the most palatable, what kind of food the most comforting. When to eat my mother's soup noodles, really sigh, this is the world's most delicious soup. Just fished carp, reservoirs, lush aquatic plants completely non polluting,, fish soup into just a long out of Wild Mint, fennel, is really fragrant died. I think at that time, if a lifetime to eat this soup noodles, this is happiness. But today, we can no longer eat not to so delicious, because the whole of China don't get to that environment the, then the pond, then the soil, when the air, then sweet, then countryside child, simple feelings, tongue that has not been used, it hasn't been the taste buds of the poison today to where to find?

Later I found the dessert. Whenever I eat dessert, I feel this life is looking forward to. Even just to be the villain in the calumny, even just what unhappy things, as long as there is a dessert, they feel the wonderful world. I like sweet flavor, sweet and sour, cold, fragrance, all kinds of strange taste, harmonic so that make a person enchanted, drooling. And the dessert of the shape, but also the art, the highest art, incomparable imagination, imagination in the flight, is really a spiritual aura.The food in Turkey is very delicious.So I like to Garlic Turkish Restaurant.

Now, I have to experience the comfort of food. I was a free man and dull nature, poor worldly business, bohemian love freedom, do not want to barely anyone anything. Therefore, life becomes quiescent some. However, I did not like the lively, lonely is not my fear, because I have Food. When my wife to her office, I a person at home, write, write tired of reading, tired of looking at the writing, the writing of life is endless, hard to force, but also enjoying themselves. This is no way, this is my character, my destiny, I must write. Write, write, not written didn't eat for rice, not written no chance, no future, what is written. Whenever I feel too hard to write, I want to, and food. So bought a lot of very expensive very delicious snacks very rare, whenever I was tired, I was crazy about eating, greed, such as tiger, blueberries, importing cashews, ah, chocolate, New Zealand, Australia honey, in short, is especially delicious, especially dried blueberries and white chocolate, I a eat a few pounds is all right.

Eating this delicious food, my mood will be good. Eat and drink, and then continue to fight, the next article.The world has a lot of bad places, but the food has given us all the rewards.If you want to eat something ,BonApp is a very good application.


crystal beads

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