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Propaganda Party Paper Treat Bags

The packing bag is the bag that is used to pack all kinds of things, so that the goods in the production and circulation process to facilitate the transportation, easy to store. Widely used in daily life and industrial production. The actual figures show that 80% of the use of plastic bags, and the end of the same general refuse to be transported to the landfill, only seven percent of the plastic is recycled. So it's very important to use party paper treat bags.

The commodity of packaging itself is becoming more and more obvious. It has become a special product which is no longer attached to the production of goods.
Scientists from various countries have studied a kind of environmental protection packaging bags made of electrolytes, which can not only be harmless, but also can be dissolved in water.
According to scientists, the life of the common polymer materials made of products, the need for hundreds of years to be completely decomposed, there will be hundreds of years of existence on earth.

According to the actual figures show that 80% of the use of plastic packaging bags, and the end of the same general refuse to be transported to the landfill, only seven percent of the plastic is recycled.
This new environmentally friendly paper packaging bag in the decomposition process will not release harmful substances and even decomposition for insect like natural substances, to protect the natural environment played a great help.

Combined with environment day, Energy Saving Publicity Week activities, make full use of radio, television, newspapers, magazines, the Internet media, loved by the masses to take, easy to understand, it is important to choose communities, villages, schools, supermarkets, shopping malls, markets and railway stations, airports, tourist attractions, such as places, widely publicize the dangers of "white pollution", propaganda limiting limit the sale of plastic shopping bags, so that the majority of people and in production and sales enterprises to firmly establish the consciousness of saving resources and protecting the environment, consciously rational use of plastic shopping bags, according to law, the production, the sale of qualified plastic shopping bags.

More and more countries and regions have restricted the production, sale and use of plastic shopping bags. To implement the scientific concept of development, building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, from the source to take effective measures to urge enterprises to produce durable, easy recycling of plastic shopping bags, guide and encourage people to use plastic shopping bags, promote the comprehensive utilization of resources, protect the environment, to further promote energy-saving emission reduction work.Suggest that we go to Igotoshop to buy party paper treat bags.

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Taobao Online Shopping Festival 11.11!

Are you ready for NO.1 event of this year in the world of internet shopping?

Attention of modern progressive society was absorbed by the upcoming event in the world of online shopping! If you do not understand, what we are talking about, we remind you that November 11 there will be annual sales festival – 11.11 on Taobao! You can view taobao english site at Agreetao:

The practice of previous years shows that with each next 11.11, Taobao shops increase numbers of promotional items and the size of the discount. Whole 24 hours there will be discounts up to 90% for goods of all categories! It looks like 11.11.2016 sellers will be paying customers for purchases. =)

They say, that this year so powerful sales are expected that even judges of the Guinness Book of Records were invited, in order to check the sales numbers. It is also known, that in 2013 Taobao turnover exceeded $ 10 billion that day! Can you imagine that?!

And now you can try to imagine, what awaits us this year! It is understood, that event like this can’t be missed!

Since the grand sale lasts exactly 24 hours (from 00:00 to 23:59 by Beijing time), we recommend you to prepare in advance, to form your orders in advance so you save your time, because the biggest discounts will be active exactly in that period. Taking care of our customers, we have specially prepared links where you can find the promotional items! Have a lucky purchases with Taobao FOCUS!

The Seven Most Baffling Things About Women's Clothes (1)

There are a lot of annoying things about being a woman, like periods, childbirth and not being able to play basketball in a way that keeps spectators awake. But near the top of the list has got to be buying clothes.

I know one way to fix it is just to be ballsy and wear men's clothes, and that's a bold choice. But you take a social hit for wearing "masculine" clothes, and most women don't want to take that hit. So they go to buy clothes made specifically "for women," and generally find a set of the most impractical, low-quality, high-maintenance crap that a sweatshop can make. View this page if you want to buy taobao women clothes.

Here are a few of the many, many awful things about the clothes that manufacturers want women to wear:

#7. The Material Is Too Thin
Go through any women's clothes section and put your hand inside all the shirts and dresses and see if you can see it. (If you are a man, try to make sure no one is looking first.) About 50 percent of the time, you are going to get a pretty good view of your hand. And you don't have to go to a fancy boutique; this holds true for my neighborhood Target.

#6. Fake Pockets or No Pockets
One thing I think a lot of men take for granted is pockets. It seems like men always have pockets. They're a requirement in men's pants, men's coats always have functional pockets and I guess even men's prison jumpsuits must have them, since I hear about people smuggling goods into prison all the time.

Women's clothing manufacturers, on the other hand, seem to believe women can't be trusted with pockets. Something like 99 percent of dresses have no pockets at all, and the more formal you get, the more likely a women's coat or pants pocket is going to be a fake, decorative pocket.

#5. Too Cold
Another problem is that women's clothes are too damn cold. Part of it is the thinness of much of the material, as mentioned before, but no matter how thick the material, many, many styles involve increasing exposure, like dipped necklines, three-quarter sleeves or skirts and dresses.

It can be easy to chalk this up just to women who dress "provocatively," but the truth is that a fairly normal, unprovocative women's style exposes a lot more skin than men's clothes. A below-knee skirt still exposes your shins. A three-quarter sleeve isn't terribly provocative unless you have a thing for forearms. And necklines don't need to go anywhere near the boobs to still be a lot wider than the average men's neckline.

#4. Arbitrary Clothing Sizes
Men's pants sizes are logical and come in measurements of at least waist size, and often inseam, too. Women's pants sizes, and clothing sizes in general, are meaningless, arbitrary numbers that come, as far as I can tell, from having kittens bat around a 20-sided die.

Picking Out Your Electric Scooters

Electric scooters have substituted the necessity of engine scooters in a large way. In the present time electric scooters have become equally popular among the kids as well as among the adults. This is a good alternative of conventional scooters and is a very cost effective solution. And the most important reason behind such a massive popularity of these scooters is its eco-friendly functionality. Since electric motor scooters are run by battery and there is no need to fuel or gas consumption, it doesn’t produce any smoke or sound. This is how it maintains the equilibrium of the eco-system.

Another very positive fact about these scooters is the easy maintenance solution. Electric scooters require very low maintenance. You don't need to change the engine oil, don’t need to fill up the fuel tank, you don’t need to visit service center at a regular interval, it is very easy to maintain. You just need to charge the battery on a daily basis for a period of around 6 to 8 hours. And with this amount of charge, you can travel up to 30 to 35 miles. And the speed is also enough. Users can enjoy a highest speed of 30 miles per hour which is pretty decent.

Different models of electric scooters are now available in the market. And these models are mainly designed keeping in mind the age of the users. The power of the engine varies largely with the scooters. It starts with 100w engine and there are engines which are as powerful as 1600w or 2000w. Obviously, high power engines are for adults. Most adults will choose 4000w electric scooter
. There are options for kids ageing 4 to 6 years and there are options for adults. This scooter is for all. And now anybody can buy electric scooters from online. There are numerous online electric scooter suppliers who offer these scooters through their online shop. You just need to choose your model and make the payment. Your scooter will be delivered at your house.

At lifestyle Mobility they aim to please and assist people who at other times would not be able to move freely or enjoy a life that was independent. This comes from the fact that they sell electric scooters that will help assist people to get about and to be able to do every day things, they may not otherwise be able to do. At least not without the help of another person.

Why are women's blouses more expensive to clean than men's business shirts?

The reason cleaners charge more for women's blouses than men's business shirts is because they are passing along their increased cost of production to their customers. Depending on the cleaner's equipment, it costs them between three and four times the labor expense to properly "finish" blouses for women compared to a men's shirt. Here's why…

The biggest production cost for a cleaner is their labor expense, the money they pay their employees. Most of their labor goes into the "finishing" of a garment. Finishing is a combination of machine pressing and hand ironing. Most garments require a combination of machine pressing and hand ironing to achieve the desired finish. Many cleaners have special "assembly line style" machines that can finish the typical men's business shirts without any hand ironing. These machines greatly reduce the time and labor needed to finish a shirt compared to a women's blouse which sometimes requires as much as 100% hand ironing to achieve the proper finish. Depending on their equipment and the skill of the presser, most cleaners can finish three to four men's business shirts in the same time it takes to finish one women's blouse.

You may be thinking, why not make similar machines for finishing women's blouses? Well, I'm sure they would if they could. The problem is that women's blouses come in an extremely wide variety and combination of different patterns, fabric types, trims and ornamentation. Plus, these variations can change dramatically from season to season with the latest changes in fashion. This prevents the machine manufacturers from developing presses that will fit the majority of women's blouses. Where as men's shirts have basically looked exactly the same for more than 100 years and they're almost always made of 100% cotton or a cotton/poly blend. This stability in style has enabled the machine manufacturers to develop shirt presses that will fit the majority of men's business shirts. The classic men's business shirt is called a Pin Point Oxford and has the common features in the diagram below…
blouses for women

Most models of shirt machines are limited in the range of sizes that will fit on them. The standard range is medium through extra large. Shirts outside of this range, i.e. small and double X shirts, require extra hand finishing. A shirt that doesn't fit on these machines is typically charged the same price as a women's blouse. There is a women's version of the Pin Point Oxford business shirt, but they rarely fit on the machines. If a women's shirt will fit on the machines, the cleaner should charge her the same price as they charge for a men's business shirt.


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