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Shopping in China

Where to buy cheap and reasonable quality stuff in China through the internet? Check out the following online shopping websites recommended by Rong.

Everyone in China knows Taobao and it sells everything.
"Chinese eBay" Set up in 2003, Taobao is the biggest online shopping platform in China, accounting for over 80% of domestic online business. Most shop owners are individuals, however, more and more big-brands are opening their official shops on Taobao Mall (Tmall).
The nasty part is everything is in Chinese and most of the owners can't chat with you in other language than Chinese. Maybe this could be a motivation for some of you to learn Chinese .Or you can view online shopping taobao english-Agreetao.

How to use taobao?
1. Set up an account. An email address would be required.
2. Search items. Type in things you want to buy in the searching bar either in characters or pinyin (yes, you can use pinyin as well!!!).
You can set some search requirements as well, such as arrange the items bases on price or popularity, choose the places where the shop is located ( this affects the delivery time)
3. Purchase. You don't have to bargain over Taobao. Once you see something you want, just click the "buy" button.Then you need to fill in your address and contacts.
4. Pay. The payment part is the most complicated: you need to have a Chinese bank account and make sure it has the online payment service. Then you need to set up an Alipay account (like "paypal", but completely FREE!!! So much better). The fascinating part is almost all the online shopping websites can be paid through Alipay afterwards.

If u want to buy books...
1. Dangdang is "Chinese version of Amazon" .You can find almost every book published within 30 years in Mainland China on Dangdang and with a discount. The best part is no delivery fee is charged once your purchase is over 29 RMB(4.75USD) and also you can choose to pay when goods are delivered.

2. Kongfuzi
As the biggest second-hand Chinese book online platform, it's the best place for you to find an ancient or limited-edition book. Most of the bookstores are owned by private owners, therefore sometimes the delivery fee can be a bit expensive.

3. Taobao
You can find a lot of Ebooks (especially English ones or acedemic ones ) on Taobao for about 5 RMB (82cents) per one. I don't think they have the digital copyrights, but it is so cheap that it's hard not to be tempted. And sometime it's the only fast way you can get a book for your thesis.

Online shopping in China

Online shopping is an easy and convenient way to buy things. It will save you time and money. When you study in China, you can try to buy things on China’s online website. I’ll tell you how to buy things online and give you the tips on getting big discount.

There are many online shopping websites in China. Taobao is the biggest website in China. You can buy almost everything on it. Taobao has 2 versions: is for little sellers who are retailers, while is for the famous brands or manufacturers.

At present, all of the online shopping websites are in Chinese language. But if you know the basic online shopping Chinese and have a Chinese address, you can also easily buy things online at a cheap price.
Step by Step, shopping online

1. Registration

You can find "registration free" on the left top of the website. Click it you can choose the English version to finish the registration. When you submit you will have to enter your cellphone number. They will send you the verification number to your phone and you enter it to finish the verification. After registration, you have to fill your basic information, such as name, address, cellphone number.

2. Search

You can enter the brand or the thing to search. But you have to translate it to Chinese word first.

3. Add to cart
There are three choice for you :Add to cart,Buy it now,Buy all in the cart.

4. Pay

After you choose the address which you can get the package and submit the order. You have to pay online. There are many ways to pay, such as use credit card, internet bank and alipay(more like Paypal).

In this step, the money is first paid to Taobao, when you get the package and confirm the order. Then the money will send to the sellers. This will protect buyers from getting nothing and losing money.

Buyer pay to-> Taobao send order to->seller send the package to-> Buyer confirm the order-> Taobao send money to-> Seller

5. Get the package and confirm the order

There is a rule in Taobao, the seller must send the package within 72 hours, most of them will send the package in 24 hours. You will get the package in 1-7 days. It depend on distance between you and the seller.

6. Others

If there is anything wrong with the goods, contact the seller at the first time. You have the right to return the goods in 7 days if you haven’t used it. Also, you can buy from online shopping taobao english directly, such as agreetao.

Tips on big discount

In general, you will find discount on every holiday: both on Chinese traditional festivals and western holidays. The particular goods will have discount, such like Valentine’s day to buy the chocolate, women’s day to buy the cosmetics.

Besides, Taobao has its own big discount. On November 11st, we called it “double 11″, most of the shops on have 50% off discount. On December 12nd, we called it “double 12″, most of the shops on have big discount.

Another big discount is from the December to the Chinese spring festival. It is about 2 months, including Christmas day, New year’s day and the Chinese spring festival.

Something About China property bonds

To many global investors, bonds from China’s property sector are toxic nuclear waste, not to be touched at any cost. To others, they come with a more pragmatic “handle with care” warning. I belong to the latter camp.

From just a handful of bonds 10 years ago, the sector has grown to contribute 9.5% of the Asian US dollar bond market with US$51bn of bonds trading. That is nearly a third of all high-yield corporate bonds in the region.

Over this period, the sector has gone through three cycles of downturns and upturns. Several Chinese property companies have issued, redeemed and refinanced their offshore bonds. Companies with credit ratings ranging from Single A to Triple C have managed to issue bonds, which chinese trade credit actively in the secondary market. Yet, a feeling of unease persists.

Perhaps the first source of discomfort is the fact that offshore Chinese property bonds are deeply subordinated, since they are issued by offshore-incorporated entities, which inject the bond proceeds as equity into their onshore companies and service their debt only out of equity dividends received back from the mainland. The difficulties in repatriating equity funds out of China mean that the offshore principal effectively has to be refinanced. In case of bankruptcy, the onshore lenders have the first claim over the onshore assets.

While this structural weakness is undoubtedly true, it applies to every other bond issued by Chinese businesses, including investment-grade bonds far beyond the property sector, since the structure was born out of regulations prohibiting the issuance of debt or guarantees by mainland companies. (Only recently have the authorities begun to relax this prohibition, and the first few offshore bonds are now coming out with direct guarantees from mainland operating companies.)

ANOTHER SOURCE OF discomfort is the government’s meddling in the property sector through various measures, including the flow of credit to the builders, rules for financing land purchases, obtaining mortgages, and mortgage down-payment requirements. The harshest controls came in 2010 when the government restricted the number of apartments that an individual could purchase.

Property prices are a sensitive subject everywhere, and China is no exception. The government presses the brakes if the prices are speeding too fast and pushes the accelerator if property construction flags too much so as to threaten the overall economic growth.

This government intervention makes asset values volatile in both equity and debt markets, and raises the cost of capital to the sector.

Some investors have also been scared away by stories of oversupply and ghost cities. The property development business model, by definition, consists of a long operating cycle, and there may be genuine demand/supply imbalances, as in any other industry, but the overwhelming majority of Chinese properties are built in response to actual demand from a rapidly urbanising population. The same goes for talk of speculative buying, when the reality is that most of the properties are bought for self-occupation. Buyers have to put up a minimum 30% down-payment, they are not over-leveraged and there is no subprime lending.

WHEN IT COMES to investing in Chinese property bonds, one should realise that there has already been one level of filtering – only those companies large enough to go through a rating process and the expense of issuing offshore actually end up selling dollar bonds. They are all listed offshore, most of them in Hong Kong, and are subject to audits and disclosures that go with the listing status. The additional scrutiny from equity analysts and investors that comes with listing also offers additional information for bond investors.

There has not been a single default in the sector so far, and only two distressed exchanges in 2009, both at 80 cents to the dollar. Some companies did go through financial distress during previous sector downturns, but they managed to sell land or unfinished projects to stronger players and stave off default.

This is not to argue that we would never see a default in the sector. We will, sooner or later. But the sector has genuine fundamentals, strong and weak players, and saleable assets that can be realised in times of distress.

So, how should one approach investments in Chinese property bonds? First of all, investors need to be prepared for the volatility that comes with the regulatory changes. Any crash in value following a regulatory tightening offers an opportunity to pick up the higher-quality bonds at more attractive prices. In fact, such moves also enable the stronger players to buy out the weaker ones or to acquire assets from the struggling players, and increase their market share.

The current downturn in the market is no different. It is true that the stock of unsold property is running above average; that the leverage has increased in the last 12-18 months in response to slowing sales; that margins are under pressure due to the pressure to liquidate stock; and that some of the weaker companies are likely to experience a liquidity crunch in the next 12-18 months, unless they slow down their expansion. But the current downturn is also an opportunity to pick up bonds issued by stronger companies, which will benefit from the tight conditions in the sector. The challenge is reading the credit fundamentals carefully enough to identify the winners.

Shanghai Local Restaurant Food

If the relationship between the past and present to describe Shanghai cuisine, it is past and local cuisine, and this life is Shanghai cuisine. Used to narrow the Shanghai cuisine is the cuisine, usually refers to the old people of Shanghai dishes,Local restaurant search and the generalized Shanghai dishes called new Shanghai dish is the cuisine is based, absorption of Guangdong, Sichuan, Ning Yang, Su, tin and other local flavor and Western food cooking methods, pay attention to take many long push Chen Chuxin, reflecting the accept fresh things Shanghai diet spirit.

Shanghai cuisine cooking braised, fried, steamed, stir and simmer for worse. Thick red oil sauce is Shanghai food is the most traditional features, meaning zhinongweihou, heavy oil, sugar, bright color, used to describe the Shanghai local cuisine braised dishes. Toothed burclover circle, oil and Butter Crab, oil burst shrimp these are old Shanghai restaurant will point the dish, the characteristics of "thick red oil sauce," show incisively and vividly. Shanghai food and day location, wide selection of materials, materials of fresh, seasonal stress. Four seasons climate gave Shanghai quarterly the freshest ingredients, for example in the spring to eat raw stir toothed burclover, stir Lycium chinense Mill, saury, back to the fish, the summer eat fried eel paste, refined steamed shad, crystal shrimp in autumn and winter, and stir fried crab with butter, shrimp big bird ginseng, herring bald lung dishes. Shanghai cuisine in the penetration of the Shanghai People's character, gentle and delicate, refreshing cool, Wen did not fire is Shanghai cuisine consistent style, embody the people of Shanghai fine and delicate.

In addition to the thick oil red sauce of this group of food and beverage, the most so that Shanghai people are proud of a variety of folk snacks. Both familiar "cake, fried dough sticks, soybean milk, rice and millet" four diamond, or a native of fried bread, Nanxiang, Sam sun small wonton, crab shell yellow, always remind the bottom of my heart the most warm food and memory. Taste the classic Shanghai flavor snacks, familiar with the spread of happiness.

Shanghai is also a special petty bourgeoisie of the city, in this full of romantic land, too many delicious to tie him down a our steps. Whether it is in a lazy afternoon, in the high-rise buildings in the Bund to taste afternoon tea, or find a old villas private restaurant, cup staggered back to the 1930s Shanghai, alleys of the old Shikumen, and flowing exotic bar, everything can become amorous Huai old objects, eat shopping will let you warp.

Shanghai braise in soy sauce meat mainly with rock sugar fried candy colors, accompanied with a small amount of soy sauce, and red color bright attractive, fat but not greasy, taste sweet side, importers melted, memorable, and show the characteristics of Shanghai cuisine thick red oil sauce.

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The Living Room Decoration To Make The Party More Exciting

The reason why the living room known as the living room, presumably is convenient to the owner of the house to greet guests with the space, the style of the living room decoration is becoming more and more diverse. In fact, I think, after seeing the various style of decoration in the living room, the key is to give people comfortable with the sense of feel more important, if the living room decoration is too stiff, came to the home of the guests will feel more relaxed, that it is not up to the effect of friends.Paper honeycomb ball is pursuit of everyone in the party decoration.

Designers use the living room walls create a side with a wall of shelves and storage functions and choice of furniture the concise pure white, let the living room as a whole looks simple, comfortable, devolution window design enough for outdoor lighting is very good projection into the room, to enjoy a good natural lighting in the living room. The wooden floor is even more so that the living room revealed a natural atmosphere.

If you are a like to enjoy an afternoon, if home living room space is spacious enough, it may be in the living room design such a Piaochuang space, use Piaochuang below the space also can as usual storage space to use, weekdays here put some tea, choose a sunny afternoon, sitting in the window will be able to enjoy afternoon tea time slightly.

Pure white pick the high space within and big windows give the living room is adequate lighting, whole sitting room is bright and spacious, against the backdrop of the white line in the space showing a natural and relaxed home feeling.

Pick high pattern inside the house, give priority to with white, dark, supplemented by a sudden showing a sense of the level of the drawing room, and in the living room of the central simple placed on the spacious simple sandy hair seat, let a guest in the house at first glance can feel at home comfort, choose high pattern and to many people relax visual sense, such a living room if not party to it is really a pity.

Most people always in the living room choice placed on a more comfortable sofa, way is convenient home to entertain guests, usually at home can leisurely in the living room to see TV to relax, such as the living room is general, in the warm light of the mapping, let whole sitting room are showing more sweet atmosphere of the space, compact and comfortable.

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